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Custom service packages available, services are able to be mixed and matched based on your project needs. All services quoted.


Plans are so much more than just putting pen to paper so trades can do their jobs. Good plans involve getting to know the end user, and how they will occupy the space. I create solutions that function well and look beautiful. Custom plans are created so home owners can feel confident in their plans prior to active construction, knowing everything has been well thought out and will be up to code. Plans are then used by contractors including plumbers and electricians to execute the design plans.

Suitable for permit application and bank submissions.

Billed at $40/hour 


Prints are great & all, but for those who aren't familiar with reading plans & elevations it can be impossible to envision how a set of drawings will look completed in the space. 3D renderings are full color drawings that let you view exactly what the space is proposed to look like; either computer generated or hand sketched depending on the complexity & your budget. Renderings now available in virtual reality viewing, fully submissive for no additional cost. 

Billed at $40/hour 

(Only available in conjunction with other design services) 

Material Selections

Many people feel confident in their home reno competency, especially when the plans don't involve changing the overall layout, then become overwhelmed with all the finish options. What is the difference between a LVT and a traditional ceramic? Between hardwood and engineered hardwood? What's best if I own three large dogs? What's the difference between granite & quartz, do I really need either? Do I want eggshell or gloss? I have all the answers for you; dependent on your own unique needs and budget. Don't worry they'll also be beautifully coordinated and reflect your own desired style. 

Billed at $30/hour 

Initial consultation

Initial consultations within Hudson Bay and immediate surrounding area (up to 15km) are free. I'm happy to meet with you to discuss your project and give you a quote based on your needs.

Virtual Consultations available.

Out of range? No problem. In this digital era distance doesn't hold us back! 

Drawing Figures
Hand Drawing

Let's Meet 

The first step and seeing your space,

and having a discussion about your wants and needs. 

211a Churchill St. Hudson Bay, SK. 



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