Vadym & Slava - "The Ukrainians" 

Introducing Vadym & Slava; or you may know them by the duos nickname: "the Ukrainians"!


Having strong working relationships and communication with trades in the design world is vital. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Vadym and Slava, and continue to be impressed by them. While I am happy to work with the contractors of clients choosing, I am excited to announce that Vadym and Slava are the preferred contractors of The Bird’s Nest Design.


In their years in Hudson Bay area the pair have earned themselves quite the reputation, built on trust and quality craftsmanship. The duo are both first Generation Ukrainians. Vadym landed in Canada in 2011, followed by Slava in 2012. Each got their start in Canada in the Wadena area working for a common friend. After breifly working together the pair joined forces and the rest is history. The pair continued to work primarily in the Wadena area travelling weekly from their homes in Prairie River to job sites. Following the trail of work requests eventually led them to be able to work in the Hudson Bay area. 


Slava and his wife Luida are now raising their family just south of town. Many may recognize Luida from farmers markets and her honey business. Vadym, wife Inna, and children continue to call Prairie River home.  Much like Slava’s wife, Inna is also an avid Gardener and can be found at farmers markets. The duo’s combined four children attend HBCS. Recently Slava’s family also welcomed his sister and her daughter to their home fleeing from the ongoing war in Ukraine.


Vadym and Slava each have a wide range of experience starting their careers as young men back in Ukraine, each earning their journeymen designations before immigrating to seek opportunity in Canada. Starting their careers in the Wadena region, with a friend from back in Ukraine who came to Canada prior to them. They were able to get their foot in the door starting carpentry work in Saskatchewan. Their craftsmanship spoke for them and each job generated new leads and recommendations, and many returning clients. While a small crew compared to some larger contracting business’s the pair work diligently, and with an eye for premium finishing that is only obtained with decades of experience.


The hurdles of starting their own business, in a new country, with English as a second language, having to re-learn all new trade terminology and navigating the challenges of business, speaks volumes to the work ethic, and tenacity of the pair. From whistling to while they work, humming along, and offering their friendly smiles and “Dobra Day” (Good Day), and “don’t worry be happy” when inevitable job hiccups happen the two bring positivity to their daily work.


Vadym and Slava are able to tackle any framing project from the ground up and have done many full additions, ground up builds, and countless renovations. The duo are impeccable finishers who are able to tackle ornate tile, stone work, cabinetry, flooring, beautiful trim work and more. With experience in both Interior work, and exterior work not limited to windows, roofing, and siding. They prefer to start jobs once materials are in place and stay on site until the project is complete, with standard 8:00-5:00 work days; a rarity in the construction world, which they quickly learned clients enjoy. 



The Bird’s Nest Design is proud to offer project Management and direct subcontracting with Vadym and Slava. Designs and management by the Bird’s Nest Interior Design, and work completed by Vadym and Slava.


As mentioned; their work speaks for them and is what has grown their business and reputation throughout Saskatchewan.


View a preview of their portfolio:


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